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Registration & Continental Breakfast 6:30AM - 7:49AM
Welcome & Introduction 7:50AM - 8:04AM Christopher E. Attinger, MD (Speaker) John S. Steinberg, DPM (Speaker) Cameron M. Akbari, MD, MBA (Speaker)
SESSION 1: The Real Facts On Wound Healing, Wound Recurrence, and Amputation
The Sobering Facts on Wound Healing in Diabetes 8:05AM - 8:19AM William J. Jeffcoate, MB, MRCP (Speaker)
Ulcer Free Days as a Measure of Success? 8:20AM - 8:34AM Gerry Rayman, MD, FRCP (Speaker)
Angioplasty Free Days as a Goal after Revascularization? 8:35AM - 8:49AM Frank B. Pomposelli Jr, MD (Speaker)
Is Amputation a Failure of Limb Salvage? 8:50AM - 9:04AM David J. Margolis, MD, PhD (Speaker)
Creating or Preserving a Functional Foot is THE SOLUTION? 9:05AM - 9:19AM Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH (Speaker)
40 Years of Diabetic Foot 9:20AM - 9:39AM Andrew J. M. Boulton, MD, DSc (Speaker)
Discussion 9:40AM - 9:59AM
Break 10:00AM - 10:14AM
SESSION 2: The Complicating Factors in Limb Salvage
Consequences and Solutions of Peripheral Neuropathy 10:15AM - 10:29AM Andrew J. M. Boulton, MD, DSc (Speaker)
The Healing Powers: What Does Basic Science Tell Us? 10:30AM - 10:44AM Geoffrey C. Gurtner
End Stage Renal Disease: Impact on Healing Potential 10:45AM - 10:59AM Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH (Speaker)
Controlling the Sugar: The ABC’s and Can We Afford it? 11:00AM - 11:14AM Stephen C. Clement, MD (Speaker)
Bacteria and Antimicrobial Therapy of Diabetic Foot Infections 11:15AM - 11:29AM Benjamin A. Lipsky, MD (Speaker)
Aging and Biomechanics 11:30AM - 11:44AM Bijan Najafi, PhD (Speaker)
Discussion 11:45AM - 12:14PM
MedStar Georgetown Distinguished Achievement Award in Diabetic Limb Salvage 12:15PM - 12:29PM Michael C. Sachtleben
Lunch Symposium 12:30PM - 1:29PM This is a non-CME accredited activity
SESSION 3: The Georgetown Approach to DLS
Can the US Healthcare System Afford DLS? 1:30PM - 1:44PM Stephen R. T. Evans, MD (Speaker)
The Georgetown Team Approach to Surgical Limb Salvage: Debridement Video 1:45PM - 1:59PM Christopher E. Attinger, MD (Speaker)
The Georgetown Research Data 2:00PM - 2:14PM Paul J. Kim, DPM, MS (Speaker)
Instructional Video Presentations with Panel: Vertical Contour Calcanectomy 2:15PM - 2:26PM John S. Steinberg, DPM (Speaker)
Instructional Video Presentations with Panel: TMA with TAL 2:27PM - 2:38PM Christopher E. Attinger, MD (Speaker)
Instructional Video Presentations with Panel: Complex Achilles Reconstruction 2:39PM - 2:50PM Karen F. Kim Evans, MD (Speaker)
Instructional Video Presentations with Panel: Ischemic Foot 2:51PM - 3:02PM Cameron M. Akbari, MD, MBA (Speaker)
Instructional Video Presentations with Panel: Charcot Foot 3:02PM - 3:13PM Caitlin S. Zarick, DPM (Speaker)
1st MTPJ Osteomyelitis 3:14PM - 3:29PM Paul J. Kim, DPM, MS
Discussion 3:30PM - 3:44PM
Break 3:45PM - 3:59PM
SESSION 4: The Medical Solution
The Medical Solution: Healing Rates and Data Outside of the OR 4:00PM - 4:14PM William J. Ennis, DO, MBA (Speaker)
History and Physical Quick and Complete 4:15PM - 4:29PM Gerry Rayman, MD, FRCP (Speaker)
The Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 4:30PM - 4:59PM Kelly K. Johnson-Arbor, MD (Speaker)
Biologics: Where Do They Fit In? 5:00PM - 5:14PM Jacob Wynes, DPM, AACFAS (Speaker)
Video with Lecture: Role of Total Contact Cast and Multi-Layer Compression Dressing 5:15PM - 5:29PM Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH (Speaker)
Role of the RN and NP in Coordinated Limb Salvage Care 5:30PM - 5:44PM Katherine J.S. Hubley, RN, CWCN (Speaker) Nancy Megas, NP (Speaker)
Discussion 5:45PM - 5:59PM
Opening Reception with Exhibits 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Registration & Continental Breakfast 7:00AM - 7:59AM
Breakfast Symposium 7:00AM - 7:59AM This is a non-CME accredited activity
SESSION 5: Fortune Tellers: The Future of DLS
The Future of DLS: Systems, Financial Viability, and Regulatory 8:00AM - 8:19AM William J. Ennis, DO, MBA (Speaker)
The Future of DLS: Predictions on How Health Systems and Hospitals with View It 8:20AM - 8:39AM Gary W. Gibbons, MD, FACS (Speaker)
The Future of DLS: Technology Resources vs Human Resources 8:40AM - 8:59AM Joon Pio (JP) Hong, MD, PhD, MBA (Speaker)
The Future of DLS: Telemedicine - The Key to Quality Control 9:00AM - 9:19AM Mark S. Granick, MD (Speaker)
Discussion 9:20AM - 9:39AM
Break & Visit the Exhibits 9:40AM - 9:59AM
SESSION 6: Complications Symposium
Complex Complications in DLS: When the Wheels Fall Off the Bus Moderated panel discussion and audience participation in plastics, vascular and podiatric DLS Complications 10:00AM - 11:59AM Cameron M. Akbari, MD, MBA Lawrence B. Colen, MD Karen F. Kim Evans, MD Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH Peter A. Blume, DPM, FACFAS Roberto Ferraresi, MD
Lunch & Visit the Exhibits 12:00PM - 1:29PM
Lunch Symposium 12:30PM - 1:29PM This is a non-CME accredited activity 
SESSION 7: Soft Tissue Struggles
Biofilm: The Good, Bad and Unknown 1:30PM - 1:44PM Bonnie L. Hurwitz, PhD (Speaker)
Cultures and Infection in DLS 1:45PM - 2:04PM Benjamin A. Lipsky, MD (Speaker)
Stem Cells and Wound Healing. Are We There Yet? 2:05PM - 2:19PM Rica Tanaka, MD, PhD (Speaker)
Fat Grafting: Are We There and How Long Does it Hold Up? 2:20PM - 2:34PM J. Peter Rubin, MD (Speaker)
A New Way to Treat the Unvascularizable Foot using an Old Technique 2:35PM - 2:49PM Andrea Casini, MD (Speaker)
What is New in Diagnostics? 2:50PM - 3:04PM David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD (Speaker)
Saving the Foot the Korean Way 3:05PM - 3:19PM Joon Pio (JP) Hong, MD, PhD, MBA (Speaker)
Break & Visit the Exhibits 3:35PM - 3:49PM
SESSION 8: Bone Complications and Charcot Surgery
Poster Session Awards and Presentation by Awarded Authors 3:50PM - 4:14PM
Osteomyelitis: Surgery or Antibiotics & How Much of Each 4:15PM - 4:29PM Benjamin A. Lipsky, MD (Speaker)
Charcot Foot: The Big Confounder- Making the Diagnosis and Conservative RX 4:30PM - 4:44PM William J. Jeffcoate, MB, MRCP (Speaker)
Charcot: When and What are the Surgical Indications and Options 4:45PM - 4:59PM Caitlin S. Zarick, DPM (Speaker)
The Role of External Fixation in DLS: Hardware Infection, Charcot, Bone Correction, and Protecting the Soft Tissue Reconstruction 5:00PM - 5:14PM Edgardo R. Rodriguez-Collazo, DPM (Speaker)
Discussion 5:15PM - 5:29PM
Adjourn 5:30PM - 5:32PM
Abstract Poster Review with Authors 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Registration & Continental Breakfast 7:00AM - 7:59AM
Breakfast Symposium 7:00AM - 7:59AM This is a non-CME accredited activity
Welcome and Introduction 8:00AM - 8:04AM Christopher E. Attinger, MD (Moderator) David H Song, MD, MBA (Moderator) Karen F. Kim Evans, MD (Moderator)
SESSION 1: Leap Into Techniques and Avoiding Pitfalls
The Reconstructive Ladder in Lower Extremity Reconstruction 8:05AM - 8:15AM Geoffrey G. Hallock, MD (Speaker)
Orthoplastic Surgery: Underused but Critical for Limb Salvage 8:15AM - 8:29AM L. Scott Levin, MD (Speaker)
Fasciocutaneous Flaps and Propeller Flaps: Techniques and Pitfalls 8:30AM - 8:44AM Michel H. Saint-Cyr, MD (Speaker)
The SCIP Flap: Advantages in Foot and Ankle Reconstruction 8:45AM - 8:59AM H. Peter Suh, MD, PhD (Speaker)
Discussion 9:00AM - 9:14AM
How to Avoid Wound Recidivism by Always Addressing Biomechanics 9:15AM - 9:29AM Paul J. Kim, DPM, MS (Speaker)
Elegant Bone and Tendon Foot and Ankle Reconstruction 9:30AM - 9:44AM Dirk J. Schaefer, MD, PhD (Speaker)
A Thirty Year Love Affair with Reconstructing the Diabetic Foot 9:45AM - 9:59AM Lawrence B. Colen, MD (Speaker)
Muscle vs. Fasciocutaneous Flaps: Do We Even Need Muscle Anymore? 10:00AM - 10:14AM Joon Pio (JP) Hong, MD, PhD, MBA (Speaker)
Discussion 10:15AM - 10:29AM
Break 10:30AM - 10:44AM
SESSION 2: Leap Under the Microscope
Evolution of Successful Microsurgery in the Complex, Co-Morbid Patient: Understanding Arteries, Veins and Clotting 10:45AM - 10:59AM Karen F. Kim Evans, MD (Speaker)
Microsurgical Perforator to Perforator Techniques: The Korean Experience 11:00AM - 11:14AM Joon Pio (JP) Hong, MD, PhD, MBA (Speaker)
Microsurgery in your Practice: How to Implement Efficiency in the Life of the Reconstructive Surgeon 11:15AM - 11:29AM David H Song, MD, MBA (Speaker)
Advanced Microsurgical Techniques: Crazy Flaps, A-V Loops, and Flaps I Loved and Hated 11:30AM - 11:44AM Justin M. Sacks, MD, MBA, FACS (Speaker)
Techniques and Outcomes of Lower Extremity Lymphedema Surgery 11:45AM - 11:59AM Joseph H. Dayan, MD (Speaker)
Is There a Role for Prophylactic Lymphedema Surgery? 12:00PM - 12:14PM Ketan M. Patel, MD (Speaker)
Discussion 12:15PM - 12:29PM
Lunch & Visit the Exhibits 12:30PM - 1:14PM

Innervated Functional Muscle Transfers for Lower Extremity Reconstruction - The Munich Experience
1:15PM - 1:44PM Milomir Ninkovic, MD, PhD (Speaker)
Discussion 1:45PM - 1:59PM
SESSION 3: Leap Into Comprehensive Reconstruction
Solving Bone Gap Problems 2:00PM - 2:14PM Marco Innocenti, MD (Speaker)
How to Make Simple Techniques Work for Complex Foot and Ankle Reconstruction 2:15PM - 2:29PM Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD (Speaker)
The Role of Peripheral Nerve Surgery for Lower Extremity Reconstruction 2:30PM - 2:44PM Grant M. Kleiber, MD (Speaker)
Decision Making in the Mangled Lower Extremity 2:45PM - 2:59PM Stephen J. Kovach, III, MD (Speaker)
Discussion 3:00PM - 3:14PM
Break 3:15PM - 3:29PM
Update on Transplantation- Is This the Future of Reconstructive Surgery 3:30PM - 3:44PM Samir Mardini, MD (Speaker)
Update on Hand Transplantation: Will We Ever See a Lower Extremity Transplant in our Lifetime? 3:45PM - 3:59PM L. Scott Levin, MD (Speaker)
Is There a Role for Bionics and Robotics in Lower Extremity Reconstruction? 4:00PM - 4:14PM Marco Innocenti, MD (Speaker)
Management of Orthopaedic Complications: Infected Hips, Knees and Ankles 4:15PM - 4:29PM Scott T. Hollenbeck, MD (Speaker)
The Sad Truth for the Reconstructive Surgeon: Routine and Advanced Prosthetic Capabilities 4:30PM - 4:44PM
What Every Lower Extremity Surgeon Must Know About DVT’s in 2018 4:45PM - 4:59PM Christopher J. Pannucci, MD (Speaker)
Discussion 5:00PM - 5:14PM
Closing Remarks 5:15PM - 5:30PM
Adjourn 5:30PM
SESSION 1: Arterial Vascular
Do I Have Enough Blood Flow? 8:00AM - 8:14AM Cameron M. Akbari, MD, MBA (Speaker)
Video: Simple Endovascular for DLS 8:15AM - 8:34AM Roberto Ferraresi, MD (Speaker)
Safe and Sensible Approach to Revascularization in the Diabetic Foot 8:35AM - 8:49AM Joseph L. Mills, Sr., MD (Speaker)
Video: Bypass for DLS 8:50AM - 9:09AM David R. Campbell, MD (Speaker)
Discussion 9:00AM - 9:14AM
Vascular Complicated Case: Discussion 9:10AM - 9:29AM Cameron M. Akbari, MD, MBA (Speaker)
Discussion 9:30AM - 9:44AM
Break & Visit the Exhibits 9:45AM - 10:14AM
SESSION 2: Venous Vascular
Lymphedema: How to Address it 10:15AM - 10:29AM Joseph H. Dayan, MD (Speaker)
Venous Insufficiency and Ulceration 10:35AM - 10:49AM Misaki Kiguchi, MD (Speaker)
Venous Obstruction 10:50AM - 11:04AM Seshadri Raju, MD, FACS (Speaker)
Video: Venous Obstruction 11:05AM - 11:19AM Steven D. Abramowitz, MD (Speaker)
Edema Management 11:20AM - 11:34AM Eric M. Wisotzky, MD (Speaker)
Dermatologic Problems and Solutions with Diabetes, Venous Stasis and Lymphedema 11:35AM - 11:49AM Helena B. Pasieka, MD (Speaker)
Discussion 11:50PM - 12:29PM
Lunch & Visit the Exhibits 12:30PM - 1:14PM
SESSION 3: Reconstruction For Long Term Function
Oh What a Gigli Saw Can Do… 1:15PM - 1:29PM Noman A. Siddiqui, DPM (Speaker)
What to Do When There is No Talus? 1:30PM - 1:44PM Lawrence A. DiDomenico, DPM, FACFAS (Speaker)
Combining Mechanical Correction with Local Flaps in the Foot and Ankle 1:45PM - 1:59PM Edgardo R. Rodriguez-Collazo, DPM (Speaker)
The Ankle Trauma that Everyone Wants to Run From… 2:00PM - 2:14PM George T. Liu
Discussion 2:15PM - 2:44PM
Break 2:45PM - 2:59PM
SESSION 4: Simple Steps for Major Victory
Practical Application of Antibiotic Spacers in DLS 3:00PM - 3:14PM John S. Steinberg, DPM (Speaker)
NPWT for the Surgical DLS Patient 3:15PM - 3:29PM Paul J. Kim, DPM, MS (Speaker)
Video: Flexor Tenotomy of Lesser Toes- Pop Goes the Healing! 3:30PM - 3:44PM Caitlin S. Zarick, DPM (Speaker)
Video: Gait Patterns and Offloading Devices 3:45PM - 3:59PM Tammer Elmarsafi, DPM (Speaker)
How to Make Incisions and Amputations that Follow the Rules 4:00PM - 4:14PM Peter A. Blume, DPM, FACFAS (Speaker)
Achieving Real DLS through a Surgical Focus on Function 4:15PM - 4:29PM Christopher E. Attinger, MD (Speaker)
Discussion 4:30PM - 4:59PM
Closing Remarks 5:00PM - 5:15PM
Adjourn 5:15PM