Oral Abstract Presenters 

Ruccence Rate of Diabetic Plantar Pedal Ulcerations Following Tendo-Achilles Lengthening: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Tyler Coye, DPM; Courtney Foote, DPM; Benjamin Heddy, DPM; Nathan Tirabassi, DPM 

Heel Wounds: Using A Lateral Extensile Incision of The Calcaneus to Expand Coverage and Utility of Fasciocutaneous Rotation Flaps of The Posterior Leg
Gregory Derk; Robert Joseph, DPM; Carol Kurth; Katia Leon, MS 

Coronal Hindfoot Alignment in Midfoot Charcot Neuroarthropathy
Nicole Cates, DPM; Korey DuBois, DPM; Kelly McKeon, DPM; Jacob Wynes, DPM 

Abstract Posters 

A Comparison of Adverse Short-Term Outcomes Following Forefoot Amputation Performed on An Inpatient Versus Outpatient Basis
Andrew Meyr, DPM 

The Effect of Height on Adverse Short-Term Outcomes Following Lower Extremity Bypass Surgery in Subjects with Diabetes Mellitus
Andrew Meyr, DPM 

A Comparison of Adverse Short-Term Outcomes Following Forefoot Amputation Based on Subject Height.
Andrew Meyr, DPM 

Retrospective Analysis of Lower Extremity Tissue Loss Associated with Vasopressor Use
Andrew Meyr, DPM 

A Case Report on The Use of Botox Injection to Reduce Pain Associated with Hammertoe Contractures in The Foot
Love Ebony, DPM; Kushkaran Kaur, DPM; Khan Khurram, DPM; Allysa Vavra, MS 

Lower Extremity Wounds Treated with A Synthetic Hybrid-Scale Fiber Matrix
Bradley Abicht, DPM 

A Case Report: Coupling Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation and Split Thickness Skin Graft for A Large Chronic Venous Leg Ulceration
Fahad Hussain, DPM; Robin Lenz, DPM 

Selective Ultrasonic Debridement with Cryopreserved Human Skin Allograft to Heal A Chronic Wound: A Case Report
Fahad Hussain, DPM; Robin Lenz, DPM 

Pathergy Following Endovenous Ablation for Lower Extremity Venous Disease: A Case Report of An Unexpected Complication
Fahad Hussain, DPM; Robin Lenz, DPM 

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Limb Salvage and Amputation Prevention
Amanda Crowell, DPM; Fahad Hussain, DPM; Issam Koleilat, MD 

Novel Therapeutic Apheresis ‘Rheocarna’ For the No-Option Patients with Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia
Miki Fujii, MD, PhD; Rica Tanaka, MD, PhD; Hiroshi Mizuno, MD, PhD 

Leg Ulceration with Infected Calcinosis Cutis Mimicking Osteomyelitis: A Case Report
Fahad Hussain, DPM; Robin Lenz, DPM; Uzma Zafar, MD 

Peroneal Brevis Rotational Flap for Anterior Ankle Dehiscence
Coleman Clougherty, DPM, MS; Amar Gulati, DPM; Peter Highlander, DPM, MS; Courtney Yoder, DPM

Bi-Layered Living Cellular Construct Resulted In ineater Healing in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Porcine Model
Justin Avery, PhD; Kelly Kimmerling, PhD; Erika Medeiros, BS; Jizeng Qiao, PhD 

Hypothermic Storage of Amnion and Chorion Membranes Retain Native Tissue Characteristics
Katrina Harmon, PhD; Katie Mowry, PhD 

Case Study: Utilization of Posterior Tibial Tendon Transfer Through the Interosseous Membrane After Excision of Peroneal Brevis Tendon Attachment in Diabetic Foot Infections
Tiffany Hoh, DPM; David Martin, MD; Thomas Milisits, DPM, MPH; Son Tran, DPM 

Effects of Talar Height on Outcomes in Charcot Neuroarthropathy Reconstruction
Nicole Cates, DPM; Alissa Mayer, DPM; Kelly McKeon, DPM 

Utilization of Epic Electronic Medical Records System for A Limb Salvage Quality Improvement Initiative.
Bright Benfor, MD; Eric Peden, MD; Maham Rahimi, MD, PhD 

Peroneal Longus Tendon Rupture After Fluoroquinolone Therapy: A Case Study
Khurram Khan, DP; Ebony Love, DPM; Priyal Patel; Kari Phan, DPM 

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